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Our project is carried out in cooperation with Vest-Agder Fylkeskommune (the council of the Vest-Agder region) from Kristiansand. Vest-Agder is the southernmost of the 19 regions of Norway. The country has a three-level structure of public authority: the central government, district councils and commune councils.

The council of the Vest-Agder region administers over a dozen schools, over 2000 km of public roads, 18 district dental clinics, public transport, and many other facilities. The council participates in numerous international projects, some of which are dedicated to cultural heritage. Our partnership will focus on cooperation regarding the conservation of the book collection and the manuscripts. This is related to the reconstruction of our parsonage, where the Lower-Silesian Evangelical Institute is to be founded. The Institute will possess a valuable book collection. Meetings with conservators of paper and leather, who will lead specialist workshops, will be organized in both Świdnica and Kristiansand. We will exchange our common experiences, methods of how to deal with problems and protect our collections.