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Our parish has been in existence since 1652, when permission for the church to be built was first issued. Since that time, services have been constantly conducted here. To begin with, people prayed in a temporary structure, which was referred to as “God’s Hut”.

In 1657 the first service took place within the Church’s walls, and the faithful have been praying there ever since. This continuity is truly an exceptional case, as after World War II there was a huge movement of population in the area. Lower Silesia became a part of the Polish state and its German, mostly Protestant inhabitants, left to find a home in other lands. The newcomers from different parts of Poland were mostly Catholics. The Church of Peace, which was accustomed to holding at least a couple of thousand people, became abandoned. Today, only around 120 people gather in our Holy Trinity Parish. Despite this number however, our community plays a very active role. We are united by the daily services that are held not only in the Church of Peace, but also in Bielawa and Dzierżoniów. Moreover, we regularly meet at Sunday schools, religion classes and youth meetings. As a part of our contribution to the community, we run a rental shop with rehabilitation equipment, look after ill and lonely people, and run charities. We take part in both religious and cultural activities; co-organizing the International Bach Festival, numerous art and photographic exhibitions, as well as the International Summer of Arts, in which we create workshops based on art, sculpture and theater. Rev. Waldemar Pytel is a rector of the parish, and has been elected for a ten year term.