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Impressive baroque casing, moving figures of angels playing music and an unmistakable sound brought by the ringing of the bells – these are all features of the large organs in the Church of Peace.

The organs are one of the most important elements of the decoration of the church, which, thanks to its unique acoustic and the tradition of annual International Bach Festivals, is also a place that vibrates with music. The church’s cantor was one of Bach’s own students, Christoph Gottlob Wecker. The unique pipe organs, which have 62 stops as well as three keyboards and pedals, were constructed in 1666-1669 by Gottfried Klose from Brzeg. Later they were modified three times, once by a superb company from Świdnica – Schlag und Söhne. A hundred years ago the company connected the instrument to the electricity supply.

The organs and the altar are situated opposite each other, as if “looking at each other”. Both elements are made of wood, and are covered with polychromies and gilded elements. The altar has performed its function for centuries, but the organs fell silent several decades ago. This unique instrument requires urgent renovation, which would restore its historical and artistic values as well as its incomparable tone. According to the conservationist, the state of the organs is alarming. This is down to the accumulation of moisture, insects and bacteria. As a result, the construction of the instrument has weakened. This has caused ornaments to fall off and cracks to appear in the wooden sculptures and architecture. Meanwhile the organ’s polychromies, as well as gilded and silver-plated elements, have been subject to flaking. General renovation works, which have only been initiated recently, will bring back the old glory of the organs, allowing them to once again bring joy to music lovers and serve the faithful during masses.